Safety at the Speedway

Speedways are some of the most popular places for fans, riders and drivers alike. That’s easy to understand, given the love for the thrill of speed among many people. Fans love to come out and witness live, the experience they get in virtual video games, while riders and drivers go the distance, and live the experience in person.

Whether it is a little speedway like Irwindale or a massive area like Texas, the environment is absolutely charged. In such a situation, it is likely for many people to forget their personal safety. While most grounds have in place security teams, to ensure the environment does not become hazardous, it is essential for everyone to take care of themselves.

Here are a few ways in which spectators and participants can take care of themselves, without sacrificing the chance to enjoy the thrill.

  • Dress appropriately

Whatever role you play at the speedway, always wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move quickly. Just like the name states, you should be able to proceed with speed. If you are in the stands, and a car comes crashing, restrictive clothing might make it impossible to get away in good time.

For riders and staff, it is always advisable to have reflective clothing. This is usually a requirement, but it takes personal initiative to observe the rules.

  • Always remain in your designated area

Be where you are supposed to be, especially during races. It might feel fantastic to run out on the track when your favourite rider is zooming by, but that is downright stupid. Besides violating regulations, you put yourself in the line of danger.

  • Learn first aid

Accidents of whatever nature are often lurking; always be ready for them. Know what to do when the worst strikes you, or someone else. Basic first aid can be learned from health experts such as those at or even from online resources.

Although remaining in your designated area is necessary, even in times of emergencies, with the right first aid knowledge you can venture beyond. Rushing onto the track to perform CPR on an injured driver is not stupid. However, only go to an accident scene if you can be of real help. Otherwise, you are just being an impediment.

  • Know your way around the speedway

This undoubtedly comes in handy in the event of accidents like fire or collapses. While most speedways are secure, it is better to be safe than sorry. Make a point of knowing the location of emergency exits and where to get firefighting equipment if need be. Learn your way to the fire assembly point.

  • Keep stewards in sight

Follow the action, but always keep your eye on the steward’s jacket. They are like your guardian angels at the speedway and are there to enhance your safety.

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