Top Four Modern Automobile Technologies Adopted from Race Cars

A lot has changed and will keep changing in automobile technology, with many inspirations flowing from race cars. From stability to safety, manufacturers look for ways to make everyday transport better and here are the top four technologies adopted from race vehicles.

1. Car Safety

Road accidents claim many lives, and many get injured to the level of needing medical attention. Numbers such as over 38,000 deaths and 4.4 million injuries are the reason why car manufacturers are very keen when it comes to road safety so much that they prefer taking notes from high speed and high-performance vehicles.

NASCAR and F1 cars have detailed engineering designs such as roll cages to keep drivers safe. You will find the same roll cages on your SUV only that they are hidden behind trim panels for passenger vehicles.

2. The Rearview Mirror

Early cars did not have rearview mirrors, until the 1900s when race car assemblers realised they could add one for a driver to monitor their oncoming competitor. Since then, this is one of the features that make driving on the road safer. So much that one is considered to have an incompetent vehicle if it does not have this mirror.

3. Car Tyres

Car tyres play a significant role in road safety, so vehicles have a tyre lifespan monitored by the government. Although tyres used on the track may not be exactly the same as one on a commuter vehicle, manufacturers adopt tread patterns from the former to maintain traction, especially on wet roads. Using RFID chips on car tyres: also comes from race car technology.

4. Dual Overhead Cam

A car with a dual overhead cam engine is considered a great performer since its engine has two valves that allow better air circulation. Such a design was first seen in race cars in the 1900s and has since found its way to your everyday vehicle, as a popular engine design.

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