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Grasstrack is a type of bike racing that today usually happens on a leveled track comprising of two straights, and two curves typically set up in a field. It is a long-established bike sport in the UK that originated in 1920. The Grasstrack season in the United Kingdom more often than not begins around the Easter festivities in springtime and goes through the summer and autumn. You can find cool raincoats here and protect yourself from the rain. A similar sport is called Long Track Racing in Europe, and has the very same structure as the British grasstrack but, has longer tracks of 1000-1200m.

Motorcycle Grasstrack

The Championships in the United Kingdom are very important because the results decide the British representative on a global level for the European Sidecar Championships and the FIM World Long Track Championships. The UK Grasstrack Championships happen on two separate occasions – the ACU British National Championships, and the ACU British Masters Championships. The ACU British National Championships is where the 250 cc and 350 cc solo, 500 cc and 1000 cc Left-Hand sidecar Championships occur. At the ACU British Masters Championships, the 500 cc Solos and 1000 cc Right Hand Sidecar Champions take place. Qualifications for the British Masters Final are decided at the Masters Qualifying event. British track racing dates announced for 2018 are confirmed, and the Track Racing Committee already made public the organizers of this year’s British Championships and National/Global events. There are nine Championships on the list with the first one on 16 June, and the last on 12 August, as well as three National/Internacional events on 22 April, 8 July, and 26 August 2018.

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