Top Speedway Racing Events

It is speculated that Speedway racing has only been existence since before the beginning of World War I. Regarded as a high-speed sport, racers use customised motorcycles to broadside around an oval racing track, at speeds of up to 110 km/h. The act of broadsiding is to drift, or rather slide, the bike around the two oval curves in a racetrack without using brakes. Instead, the momentum gained from the bike engine’s throttle or acceleration drags it along the smooth surface. The racetrack has four layers consisting of shale, granite, and brick instead of tarmac. This offers more tension and, therefore, more grip on the bike’s tyres. Using tarmac would go against the nature of the sport, as the high-speed bikes powerslide around the bend because of less traction between the wheels and racing surface. There are numerous events in Speedway racing, and one such major highlight is the British Grand Prix.

The British Grand Prix

It is an event of particular interest to fans, notably because a local talent is participating in the race. For a decade, no British rider has won the Speedway Grand Prix on British soil. Therefore, it is no wonder that the mammoth crowd of 45,000 lining up at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff is looking forward to this specific race. Among the contenders, Tai Woffinden hopes to make speedway history on his home ground. With two world titles to his name already, a win here would solidify his place as a contender for the third one. He is currently in position 5, and is 17 points adrift of top spot in the current standings, behind Jason Doyle and Patryk Dudek. Winning it for the third time would mean that he gets to set a new record since no British Speedway racer has ever won it three times in the sport’s 81-year existence. Hopes are high that Tai Woffinden will deliver a sterling performance, especially since there will be overwhelming support for him coming from the home crowd on this exciting day.

What To Expect On The Day

Firstly, the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff is primarily a soccer and rugby pitch, and as such, the race track will only be temporary. This particular event will be headlined by 15 riders, with the crowd favourite being Tai Woffinden, who is the only Briton in the 2017 Speedway Grand Prix series. Having finished 2nd in the 2016 series, there are still seven more events including this one at Cardiff, for him to get his title challenge back on track. Tai Woffinden has won two previous titles in 6 attempts, which is a remarkable return for the 26-year old. His second-place finish last season shows his level of class in the sport. So if you need to make it to the event, using Avionero to find a flight to Cardiff is the perfect solution. Avoid the last minute hustles and traffic jams which may cause you to miss out on history being made.

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