At its most basic form of definition, the word speedway literally means “a highway for fast motor traffic.” From the 1910’s and 20’s, racing has progressed into a great event for families, racing fans, and elite motor specialists. The exact origin of the sport is unknown, but there is evidence of speedways being utilized in the United States and Austria before the First World War. Since that time, racing has developed in ways such as stock car racing, modified racing, open wheel racing, drag car racing, and dirt track motocross racing. Speedway racing is definitely becoming a great sport for all ages to enjoy and experience great thrill and excitement. Billions of dollars each year are spent on the race cars, tracks, drivers, and the advertising for this industry. Why not come visit us at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale for a great experience?

About Our Track

Buriram, Thailand - October 4, 2014: Toyota racing car in pit on display at The 2014 Autobacs Super GT Series Race at Chang International Racing Circuit, Buriram Thailand. (Photo by Chatchai Somwat)

Here at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale, you will experience the best in non-stop excitement, entertainment, and adventure. We offer banked, paved 1/2- and 1/3-mile oval tracks and a 1/8-mile drag strip. At the speedway you will enjoy the sound of loud and powerful cars, the smell of burning rubber and gasoline, and the heat from the asphalt. Your family will definitely be entertained and satisfied you took them to the speedway! Make sure to visit toyotaspeedwayatirwindale.com often for ways to register for current events, newsletters, and the latest deals on tickets at the speedway!

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